Dear Friends,

In years past the number of women writing in the course was less than 10%. While it still isn't close to 50% it is presently over 30% of people who contact us. With that in mind we would like you pray for women in Turkey this month and you can use the 3 women in this report as a foundation to do that...


*Özlem is a woman that we met who contacted the BCC several months ago. We met her and she had some questions and continued to do the correspondence courses and read the books we gave her. She said she would like to come to our church. We continued to communicate through WhatsApp messages. She received the book "90 Questions" and started to read it and if she had any questions she would ask us. She started going to a local church and bringing 2 of her friends and they started the Plan of Salvation courses. Our prayer is that she and her friends will soon come to faith.


*Fatma was very open and in our first meeting she said she wanted to be baptized even though she didn't exactly know what that meant. We talked about creation, salvation, the Lord's supper, what God's commands are and baptism. She was the one who enthusiastically asked about all of these things and we were happy to be able to try and answer her questions. She started to regularly read the New Testament. We started praying together and went through the list of churches in Istanbul and we found the one that was nearest to her home. We prayed that God would protect her as she searched for the truth. I met her on a regular basis and she continued to read the Bible and pray. We never pushed her to give her life to Jesus even though she intellectually believed this. We wanted her to have a good knowledge of God's Word so that she would be ready when she made a firm commitment. She finally went to a church in the Avcılar area of Istanbul with her daughter and they liked it very much. We finally went to the pastor's home and she made a strong commitment of faith in Jesus and continues to grow in her faith.


*Dicle contacted us through our chat line and then *Edona, one of our regular female follow-up personnel in Istanbul, followed up with her. She messaged her regularly and Dicle was very hungry to know more about God and started reading the New Testament. She then soon went to a local church in her area and came to faith in Jesus. Elona met with Dicle from time to time. She goes regularly to meetings at her church. Her mother, siblings, and aunts have rejected her because of her faith but her husband supports her. She recently brought her cousin to church and asked for prayer for her. She is so thankful for her contact with us and wants to come to our office sometime and thank us.


Pray for the many women in Turkey who are searching to find and know a God of Love. They are often in very difficult situations and there are often many barriers to cross in order for them to follow Jesus.

*Names changed


David Wilson

For the Bible Correspondence Course Team