Dear Friends,

Here's a few people you can remember in prayer as they continue on the Father's way from various places around the country:

Orçun from İzmir

Suat met with him for 3 hours and he has accepted the Lord. His wife Güngör came to church with him, but she has not yet believed. We are soooo happy for him and that he is coming to Karataş church.



Oğuzhan from Afyon                                                                              


We met with Oğuzhan in Afyon. He is 32 years old and 1 1/2 years ago he believed but then turned away from the faith for a period but now has totally given himself to Christ. We studied from Matthew 5 and had a wonderful time.


 Saim - Giresun


Saim is in his 30's. He spent his childhood in İstanbul but after his father died he moved back to his home in Giresun with his mother. He now works in the office of one of the schools there. He eventually came to faıth ın Jesus. We have begun to do Discovery Bible Studies with him and also introduced him to the brothers in Trabzon.




Mehmet from Ağrı

Mehmet is a BCC student who came to faith last year and  would like prayer. His mother recently told him that he was no longer her son. His brothers and sisters are calling him, cursing him and saying it would have been better if he was an atheist. He was considered the spiritual father of his older brother's children after his older brother died. But he is not allowed to see his nephews and nieces anymore. He was also set to get a share of the families inheritance. He has been told he will not now receive that.

Mehmet's prayer: "Lord Jesus, I am you lost son. As you drew me to yourself draw my famıly to yourself and touch their hearts. You drew me to yourself and saved me Lord Jesus. Forgive me and give my brothers and myself strength in this regard. That we may be able to boldly proclaim the truth of your kingdom. Please touch the hearts of those who persecute us. We have come to you and you have sheltered us.

Ezgi from Nevşehir


Ezgi came to faith after a very difficult time of losing her father. She loved him so much and wanted to have him see her through her university graduation, and marriage, and children, etc. When she fell into depression she decided to look for "a Father's Love".

As she researched the Incil she found the Father's Love and salvation in Jesus. After having several dreams she was convinced that she needed to be baptized. She stepped out in faith and followed Jesus and was baptized into eternal life!





David Wilson

For the BCC Team