Dear Friends,

This month we will give you an update from our IT Department. Please check out the link and pray as God leads you!                                                                Şubat 1 – Mayıs 8 repor



Organic Search is our greatest success of 2018.

New content:               

4 new articles in the philosophysection.Look to build that out with more apologetic materials in 2018.                    

Updated Gizliklik ve güvenlik page, and talep form opt-in, to comply with GDPR regulations (European cookies law) that becomes international law on May 25th 2018.         

The Bible Project

Looks to become officially part of BCC Media efforts very soon. But in the mean time working on translation and dubbing of two of their videos, Lord willing, before mid-June 2018.                          













 Sacrifice and Atonement













Paul Weaver

IT and Media Director