Dear Friends,

Greetings again! This month's report will be especially for the techies and IT people who receive our updates. Check out a continuation of our report from our IT department in our May report…

Google  Adwords            

On May 4, for reasons we have not been able todiscover, our google grant was suspended/cancelled. We are working hard to get it restarted! Please pray! First time this has ever happened.








This is only effecting the grant-based text ads. Ithas reduced our overall traffic to by 13%. 3. “Paid search” below is what we lose without the grant. We will fight to get the google grant back.                  

But plan B/worse case scenario – we can boost the social further, and simply continue to focus on organic search and SEO.












 Display  Network ads on google still working:

Facebook/Instagram ads still working. Only have 3 ads running there, at the moment. In between campaigns….








KKBD IT Infrastructure                 

Other efforts in the past 2 months havebeen on the server room and IT network.                            

We have a truly enterprise level server now.                      

Virtual network:










 Monitoring network:

KKBD server rack with 2new Huawei switches, an HP enterprise  server/computer, and cleaned up cables.  


David Wilson

For the BCC Team