Dear Friends,

We are living in exciting times in Turkey. The number of people coming to faith may be unprecedented. We thank the Lord that so many are open and so many are making professions of faith. Please pray, as always, for fruit that remains and that the quality of those who come to faith are also like never before. This month we would like to share one of the best testimonies we've ever heard. It is an amazing story of God's pursuit of his lost sheep and how he is faithful to those who truly hunger for Him...


The Story of Zarina

*Zarina and her sister were working on a movie (They are well known in the Turkish Film Industry), some of her family and friends said they would finance the movie and then cheated them. They were left with a major debt and were subsequently abandoned by friends and family and decided to commit suicide. They decided to look at the Koran before doing this and were left totally disillusioned by Muhammed and thought how could this horrible book come from God. Then they came to the conclusion that they needed to read the other holy books. Sultan found the Old Testament on the internet when a link to our BCC website popped up and there was an offer for a free New Testament. She decided to ignore it but when it showed up a second time a bit later she decided to request a New Testament, a correspondence course and a book. She received it a short time later. Her sister and she were both blown away by what they read and seemed to understand everything they read. Soon afterward they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


This is a recent e-mail she wrote to the BCC:

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

After countless nights of crying myself to sleep and vivid dreams I realized I had come to a turning point. After reading the Gospel of Matthew that you sent me, I kneeled, as if I had been preparing for it for years, and while weeping with all the longing within me took refuge in my Lord Jesus Christ.

I swear it is impossible to express in words the unbridled enthusiasm and excitement of that moment. I am a screenwriter and pride myself on using words well but there are no words that can truly reflect the eternal glory of God.

You don't need to send me any more books or courses because I now know my Lord and His name.

You can send the books you send me to other brothers and sisters who have not met our Lord in any meaningful way and have been deceived by a number of false prophets and false books. Send books to enlighten them so that in the mornings when they open their eyes, they will understand that they are not alone and can smile at our perfect Father who is not cruel and far away but full of great mercy towards us. Whenever any of my friends or family ask about my life I am giving all of the books you sent me to them to help them understand and when they are finished reading them I will ask them to pass them on to others to read.

In the meantime, I am writing an e-book to send to my family and close friends. In this book I am telling about the pain I suffered in the last year and my crying out to God for Him to answer and reveal Himself through the pain, and of course, how God answered me. I feel God asking me to do this. It doesn't matter what reactions I get or the final result. I have one purpose; To fulfil God's will.

I am sending this testimony to you with an eternal love and respect from the very depths of my heart. A few years ago I wrote a poem by the name of "The Lost Announcement". The thing that I believed I had lost was God. It turns out it wasn't Him who was lost - It was me!

Now you have brought me to meet Him and be where I belong. I want to thank you with the sincerest of feelings that are full of gratitude.

Follow up:

Some days ago we heard that Zarina had visited her mother and sisters and she shared with her mother and sisters and they came to faith as well. We encouraged her to take her family to a church there and I recommended a friend of mine who moved there a month ago. She went to meet Sultan and her family and was very encouraged. She said her mother was very sick so she can't go right now to church, but they will read, pray and worship God together at home.

Thanks for your partnership through your prayers!

*Names changed

David Wilson

For the BCC Team