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So what are you doing on the 23rd April 2013? You could come and join other believers on the Büyükada Outreach. This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to Muslims, share the message of the gospel, pray for them and minister to them.

This event takes place every year on the 23rd April; thousands of Muslim pilgrims make their way to the monastery of St George on Büyükada (the Big Island) in the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul to seek the blessings of the saint. Last year around 60.000 made the trip, seeking answers to life’s problems. Following a ritual, part of  which is that as the pilgrims climb the steep hill up to the monastery, sometimes barefoot, is to unwind spools of thread. The pilgrims believe that if their thread is unbroken when they reach journey’s end, their prayers will be answered.


In 2012 nearly 300 believers from over 20 churches in Turkey along with believers from other countries, joined the throng to distribute bibles, do creative evangelism, preach publicly and offer prayer.

The Muslim pilgrims who would normally reject the Christian message, receive it eagerly and with curiosity at this event. People are touched and receive answers from our prayers. Last year a young couple approached one of the believers and said “we have been looking for you all day, will you pray for us again please”? It turned out that this believer’s prayers for the couple were answered so they sought her out again. Also four people said they wanted to become believers and be part of a fellowship.

Overall more than 8000 Incils (New Testaments) were distributed as well as thousands of tracts, DVDs and other literature.

So remember the date and the location, 23rd April 2013, Büyükada (Big Island) near Istanbul Come and stand with us to minister to the lost!!  

And if you cannot make it, then pray!!!

Pray that Muslims will come with open hearts and minds.

Pray that Muslims will hear the message of the gospel.

Pray that those Muslims who receive an Incil, DVD or other literature will read it and God’s words will speak to them.

Pray for good weather.

Zonguldak, Samsun, Karabük do you know where they are? What about Iğdır and Ağrı, Gümüşhane, Erzincan and Bingöl? Well they are all provinces, cities or towns in Turkey.

Turkey has 81 provinces; Samsun,Zonguldak and Karabük are located on   the north western Black Searegion, whereas Trabzon is north eastern Black Sea. Iğdır and Ağrı are situated very close to the Iranian border.

From the middle of 2011 through to December 2012, in a project called the “1881 Project” where various groups working with the Bible Correspondence Course took the message of the gospel to all 81 provinces across Turkey in 18 months.

The project is finished now, seeds have been planted all across Turkey all we need now ıs for God to pour refreshing “His Living Water” on them and make them grow into “Oaks of Righteousness”!

That doesn’t mean that the job is done, because even though each province has been visited, it may have only been one or two towns in a particular province, so there is more to do and places to go!

It may also be said that in some of the places visited it was easy to give away free Incils (New Testaments) and DVDs, but what about the eastern provinces like Iğdır and Ağrı, Gümüşhane, Muş and Erzincan? Would those places be too conservative Muslim to want to know what the bible says or discover God’s plan for salvation through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross?

Well the encouraging news from enquiries coming into the BCC in the past few weeks and months is that the people living in the eastern provinces of Turkey do want to know what the bible says and discover God’s plan for salvation and who Jesus is!!  Some of the places we have received enquiries from include Zonguldak, Samsun, Hatay, Diyarbakır, Karabük, Aksaray, Erzincan, Muş,  Gümüşhane, Trabzon, Şanlıurfa, Malatya, Ağrı, Iğdır and Bingöl and Kılıs.

Yes there have been enquiries from the Istanbul and Ankara, along with other towns in the central and western provinces also, but it is the eastern provinces which are responding since the visits in the latter half of 2012 which give me and others hope that God is not only working in one part of this vast country but He is also seeking to touch the lives of the people across the whole of Turkey, from the borders with Greece and Bulgaria in the west, to the eastern borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Please pray for the people of the eastern provinces and ask God to water the seeds planted and bring them into relationship with Him.

I have been helping the Thursday Packing Team at the BCC (Bible Correspondence Course) in Istanbul Turkey for over three years now. In fact it was all I ever wanted to do when I came to Turkey. But what exactly is the Thursday Packing Team?

A group of men and women, all volunteers both young and old alike assemble every Thursday in the BCC office in Kadiköy. Sometimes we have people who come to help from other countries involved in a short-term mission programme, from countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania, the United Kingdom and many others. The number of packages varies each week, in the past we have had as many as 600, but usually the number is around 200 new enquiries each week.

The day together usually starts with prayer, for the Muslims who have requested the packages we send out. Sometimes an Incil (New Testament), maybe a dvd, such as “More than Dreams”, as well as other books that will help them find out who Jesus is and show them that our creator Father God seeks relationship with them, not ritual!

Each member of the team will take a list with the names of enquirers and the items they have requested, and write the letters to each person and then make up the package. Over the years the members of the group has changed, but the aim remains the same, to get the message of the gospel of Christ out to Muslims across Turkey and beyond.

The BCC is an amazing ministry, something like 55% of Muslims in Turkey have come to faith in Jesus in part through the work of the BCC. Sometimes the package doesn’t reach its intended recipient. One man requested an Incil, when he received it, he threw it in a dustbin in the grounds of a hotel. But God used that situation and a lorry driver rummaging through the dustbin found the package and began reading the Incil. He later called the BCC and subsequently came to faith!

During the weeks I have been involved we have had visiting film crews from Korea and the USA who have come to see the work in progress, then take the film back to their home countries and share it with believers there so that they too can be involved in prayer for the expansion of the work.

So if you are a believer with a heart for Turkey and the BCC and you are in Istanbul on a Thursday and want to find out more, or come and help, give us a call. You would be very welcome!