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Dear Friends,

Greetings again! This month's report will be especially for the techies and IT people who receive our updates. Check out a continuation of our report from our IT department in our May report…

Google  Adwords            

On May 4, for reasons we have not been able todiscover, our google grant was suspended/cancelled. We are working hard to get it restarted! Please pray! First time this has ever happened.








This is only effecting the grant-based text ads. Ithas reduced our overall traffic to by 13%. 3. “Paid search” below is what we lose without the grant. We will fight to get the google grant back.                  

But plan B/worse case scenario – we can boost the social further, and simply continue to focus on organic search and SEO.












 Display  Network ads on google still working:

Facebook/Instagram ads still working. Only have 3 ads running there, at the moment. In between campaigns….








KKBD IT Infrastructure                 

Other efforts in the past 2 months havebeen on the server room and IT network.                            

We have a truly enterprise level server now.                      

Virtual network:










 Monitoring network:

KKBD server rack with 2new Huawei switches, an HP enterprise  server/computer, and cleaned up cables.  


David Wilson

For the BCC Team

Dear Friends,

We have many, many people who are contacting us these days through many different channels. Here are two fellows who contacted us through our chatline and the internet:

Sometimes it's the smallest things that can change a life. But the ideal way for that to happen is to have a living on-going relationship with Jesus. Then it happens organically both on an individual level or on a community level.

Let us share a short blurb from a recent conversation on our chatline:

Irfan - Istanbul


Irfan: I have a great sympathy and extreme interest in Christianity.

Irfan: A thing that happened in a church had a huge effect on me.

Ayhan: I'm glad. Explain it to me.

Irfan: I went to a church on Sunday and joined the service. There wasn't a place to sit but a very nice and loving woman spent so much time in finding a place for us to sit it was amazing to me.


Yasin – İzmit

We met Yasin last year on a visit. He owns a Turkish meatball shop and is 32 years old. He is a beautiful brother who has a wonderful testimony.

The Holy Spirit greatly worked in his heart. While listening to some Christian songs he asked the Lord to give him a sign. After a while he heard the Lord's voice: "Go outside and look above your apartment building”, and when he did this he saw a ball of light pass by. A while later he was able to contact the BCC. He was followed up but because he has to work in his shop he is unable to go to a church on Sunday. He had lost the number of our follow-up worker but saw his videos on YouTube and left a message asking him to contact him. He was very happy to be in contact again and wept after meeting us again. God continues to encourage him through dreams and studying the Bible. He was recently baptized.

Pray for Irfan and Yasin. May God bless them and many others through them as there relationship with King Jesus continues to grow!


David Wilson

For the BCC Team

Dear Friends,

This month we will give you an update from our IT Department. Please check out the link and pray as God leads you!                                                                Şubat 1 – Mayıs 8 repor



Organic Search is our greatest success of 2018.

New content:               

4 new articles in the philosophysection.Look to build that out with more apologetic materials in 2018.                    

Updated Gizliklik ve güvenlik page, and talep form opt-in, to comply with GDPR regulations (European cookies law) that becomes international law on May 25th 2018.         

The Bible Project

Looks to become officially part of BCC Media efforts very soon. But in the mean time working on translation and dubbing of two of their videos, Lord willing, before mid-June 2018.                          













 Sacrifice and Atonement













Paul Weaver

IT and Media Director