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Dear Friends,

People who come to faith in Turkey come from all types of different backgrounds, sub-cultures, and ages but we can generalize by saying most of them are under 30 years of age and come to faith from nominal Muslim backgrounds or have left Islam completely. Those who come directly from a devout Muslim background are by far in the minority. There are the exceptions and we will be sharing the testimony of one of those this month...

*Muhammed is the Imam of a mosque in a north western province of Turkey. He, of course, knows the Koran well. For this reason, through deep study of the Koran, he was able to see the many contradictions and because it didn't reflect the true character that he longed for in God he descended to the poınt of being a Deist. Because of this, he connected wıth us to learn about the person of Jesus by visiting our church. While doing his duties as a İmam he would often come into contact with Christians and it caused him to wonder. He couldn't visit us in our church because of the stigma of being an İmam but we talked often on the phone. A few days ago he came to us and told us he had finally trusted in Jesus totally and given his life to him. I told him that he reminded me of Nicodemus and how he was doing his İmam duties like the Pharisee Nicodemus and at the same time came to believe in Jesus. He plans to continue doing his imam duties for 2-3 more years until his retirement. His family is extreme Muslim and for now, he will continue his duties in the mosque and we will continue to meet for study and prayer outside of church meetings. We will share with you in the near future the way ahead we see with Muhammed. Pray for wisdom.

*Figen is a woman who comes from a very nominal background lives in the same area as Muhammed. She showed interest by contacting the BCC and we called her. She is a geological engineer. When we first called her she was in a spiritual search for truth and was also longing to fill the spiritual emptiness in her heart. She lives with her family since divorcing her husband 3 years ago. Our first meeting was very positive and she asked many questions about the Bible. She began to join the activities of our church (i.e. women's meeting, Bible Study, etc. 3 months ago she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and is now a regular member of our church.

Pray for the many others seeking truth, that like Muhammed and Figen they would discover true joy and fulfilment that can only be found in the Lord Jesus!

*Names changed


David Wilson

For the Bible Correspondence Course Team

Dear Friends,

This month we will give you microcosm of what is happening around Turkey through 5 different stories in 5 different provinces. These days many are seeking, finding and transferring their allegiance from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light. 



 At least one of the contacts that we received went to Bursa Protestant Church where she met with some of our national brothers and sisters.  I wasn't there that particular day but she mentioned that I had directed her to the fellowship where she could talk with someone if she liked. So thankful for how God is faithful to draw people to his church. God is doing a work here in this province.  He is calling dead people to life. 




Friday we met with Mualla who came with a friend. We were originally quite disappointed because she talked about her thesis, the golden mean in Christianity, and the birthdate of Jesus in Di Vinci’s paintings… and then her friend left and she talked much more openly about her life. Her mother and fiancé know of her interest, but no one else does. We asked her if she wanted to meet Sam (a believer ın the area) and she did, so we called him to come. Before he got there 2 friends came by. Finally Mualla and Sam were able to share more deeply. She wants to do basic lessons with Metin our pastor. She’s a teacher and her fiancé is in the military so they will probably be transferred outside of Maraş. I left the book “My Name is Woman” with Sam to give to her later.


In the town of Niksar in the Tokat province we met with Tolga. He explained that he had graduated from the literature department of Karadeniz University. He now is working in Tokat at the local university. We had a long and blessed time of sharing. He said he definitely wanted to meet regularly with Şahin to study the scrıptures.




We met wıth about 10 people in Batman. One of these was Dasten. He has truly believed through reading the New Testament. He is a young brother who wants to be baptized. He is a brother who wants to share the peace he's received from God with others. Şaban, who visited with me, will visit there twice a month and do Bible studies with 3 different brothers regularly.





We visited Abe with Hans and 3 other local believers. Abe previously had contact with Jehovah Witnesses but realized fairly quickly that their teachings were not right. He wants to learn more deeply about Christianity. Praise the Lord a believer in the area (Ali) and they have already started Bible Studies and they are meeting together every day.


These are just a few of the many Turks who are seeking God and finding him through Jesus Christ. Please pray for these people, the provinces they live in and the many many others who are finding the road to true life in Jesus.

David Wilson

For the Bible Correspondence Course Team

Dear Friends,

This month please pray for those who work with the BCC in various ways around the country. Especially pray for Şevket. He is a believer who came to faith through the correspondence course and is now growing in his faith by leaps and bounds. He has also become one of our main chat operators for the BCC chatline.

Şevket has recently started dating another believer by the name of Bilge.


Lately, both Şevket and Bilge have responded humbly to confrontation on character issues.  As a result, both are enjoying amazing progress in the grace of Christ.  Also, last week both Şevket and Bilge led seekers to professions of faith in Christ.  We are starting to see potential for future leadership in these two friends, which is a rare find.

Please pray.


The BCC Team