What mission and church leaders in Turkey are saying about the BCC

“The BCC has been one of the most consistent and effective evangelistic ministries in Turkey over the past 40 years. It has the particular advantage of being able to reach outside the major cities, into areas that have had almost no exposure to the Good News. The course has been instrumental in the lives of a large proportion of those who make up the Turkish Church today.”

“The Bible Correspondence Course is probably the most strategic evangelistic ministry serving the entire nation of Turkey. I have worked with the BCC for many years and believe it to be the best organization of its kind in both effectiveness and efficiency. Evangelism is difficult in any nation, especially in Turkey, but I know of no other ministry that touches so many people so frequently as the BCC.”

“The BCC is a ministry that for years has been spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in this country. I myself came to faith in Jesus Christ about 12 years ago–not directly through the BCC, but through a friend who had come to faith through the BCC. This friend of mine, while vacationing in Singapore, had met a former BCC worker (who then lived in Singapore), who then passed on his contact details to the BCC headquarters in Istanbul.”

“I can say with great joy that I have heard from the mouths of many people testimonies of how much fruit the BCC has born for our Lord in my country’s less reached, less visited provinces. Whenever it comes to mind, I pray with the love of our Lord for all the brothers and sisters in the BCC who are ministering here.”

“We view the BCC as one of the most effective ministries reaching those interested in Jesus and Christianity in Turkey. Several of our outreach teams have had the privilege of visiting BCC contacts when traveling to cities and villages in the Black Sea region and the Southeast region of Turkey. The BCC has been extremely gracious in helping to facilitate our work by providing information and resources. We encourage volunteers and outreach teams to support their ministry through practical help in their office. They are an extremely valuable ministry for the spreading of the gospel in Turkey and we are grateful for their faithful service!”

“The BCC’s free NT campaign was the vehicle with which I, in 1996, became acquainted with Christianity, and now am serving as a pastor of a church. In fact, half of our church’s membership (20 out of 40) has joined our church through the BCC. We have also been able to come in contact with BCC students who are believers in neighboring provinces —where there have not been any churches in recent decades. May God greatly use and bless the BCC.”

“The BCC has been for many years one of the most effective ministries in Turkey for reaching people and bringing them to faith in the Lord. The Turkish Church has many believers who found the Lord through the BCC. The BCC serves in complete harmony and cooperation with the Lord’s fellowships (churches in Turkey). For these reasons, the existence of the BCC, in the Lord’s providence, is very important for Turkey.”

“By working with the BCC we are able to come in contact with people and then share openly the Gospel of Christ. In addition, because of the BCC we are able to connect not only with BCC contacts themselves, but also with those who, along with them, are interested in the Gospel. We thank you very much for your ministry.”

“The BCC is a very important ministry for reaching people (in Turkey) who haven’t heard the gospel. In our church there are many who came to faith through this ministry.”

“I came to faith through the BCC. In my church planting work, I’m still using the BCC to come in contact with people. In my opinion, the BCC is the best non-denominational ministry serving the Turkish churches. I thank all those who support and serve this ministry.”

“The BCC has had a big influence in bringing our church to where it is today. We have been able to make contact with many people through their newspaper advertisements, and some of these people have come to faith. Currently we have 30 Turkish believers in our church, a third of whom came into contact with the NT and with Christians through the BCC. I myself requested a NT through a BCC newspaper ad back in 1992, and now have come to know the grace of the Lord.”

I first came in touch with the BCC in 1975. In those days, I was a student at Ankara University, and I myself would write letters to and visit BCC contacts. During these times, when such activities were forbidden and dangerous, the BCC was the ministry doing this.
Today, a significant portion of the believers from the churches is those who came to faith through the BCC. Especially in promoting the New Testament, they play a very active role. In my opinion, the BCC is one of the most important ministries in Turkey. In order for them to reach still more people, and to serve more effectively, it is extremely important for the BCC to be well supported.

We as the Diyarbakir Church would like to add our thoughts about the BCC and their work, because we have been partnering with them in SE Turkey for at least 10 years. Praise the Lord, they have always been supportive and helpful to us. Through the contact information they’ve provided, we’ve been able to reach and share the gospel with many people. In fact, many of our church’s members—starting with the head pastor himself—first heard the gospel and learned of Christ through the faithful efforts of the BCC.

In the past, through great self-sacrifice, they used to make long trips to come and visit contacts in this region. But now, for the last three years, we ourselves are following up contacts in this region. Especially because of this, our relationship with the BCC has become closer and blessed these last few years. We approve of all their ministries, and bless them in the name of the Lord.

Praise God—to Him be all the glory.